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Thanks for the email, Coach B and Michelle! Great hearing from you. We are still over the moon about our trip and talk about it often. I just put together a family photo book capturing our memories. Cooper is playing fall ball with his new team called Prospect Training Academy (based in Franklin where he plays at the Rock Sports Complex–really nice facilities and fields. Home of the UWM Panthers and Milwaukee Milkmen). He made the Cardinal team just prior to leaving for Cooperstown so we shall see what the year brings. Yes, more traveling for us, but nothing is close to Cedarburg unfortunately. He really misses his WAS teammates and coaches so he’s looking forward to seeing all of you. He can only make Saturday though because he has a double header on Sunday.

Thanks again for the awesome trip and summer together….there’s so much we learned and took away from our time with WAS.

With Gratitude,

Sarah & the rest of the Hall boys 🙂

WAS 2022



Sawyer had cards for all 3 coaches and you, but we forgot to give them to you. He is going to bring them to try outs. 

Thanks for allowing us to be part of this experience. This picture is what this last week was all about. 

The Klein Family – WAS 2019


Hi Brian,
Looks like you, Michelle and Richie had good trip back to Oshkosh.  Glad you didn’t have to rush back.
I know we’ve said it before, but David and I can’t thank you and Michelle enough for including Ben on the Wisconsin All Stars team this year.  It was, as Patty Eppinger put it, a life-changing experience for the whole family!
To follow up on our conversation last week at Cooleys, I mentioned your idea of possibly making a connection with Evolution Sports to Phil .  Phil leads the programs there.  As I recall from our conversation, you were thinking of possibly taking on players each year as the situation warranted.   Obviously, all that is for you and Phil to discuss.
I’ve copied Phil on this email so you have his email address.  Phil can also be reached at the Evolution Facility’s main number which is #.  The facility opens and gets going usually after 2:00pm.
Thanks again, Coach!  We hope to see you at Cooperstown next year.
Kathleen Underhill

WAS 2018


Hello Michelle, Brian, and Richie,

Hope your week is starting well.

We (Bryce, Paula, Sara, and I) will try to put into words our appreciation to each of you for our experience with WAS.

The gratitude that we feel is really immeasurable.  We know how fortunate that Bryce is to be affiliated with WAS, and how few boys of the many that try-out get the chance.  Bryce does not take this for granted and neither do Paula and I.  

We knew when Bryce started to come down for practice, that there was about “0” chance of making the team.  Yet, you not only allowed him to participate but coached him.  So, even if he had not had the opportunity to go with the team, we would have appreciated your coaching as it has changed Bryce for the better!  

Bryce is not only better as a baseball player, but better as a teammate and as a person…..it is actually something that both my wife and I have noticed since the start of the WAS experience.  Now, it is almost all “we” and can almost here a “yes coach” around the house.  This experience was more than baseball.

All of us know that Bryce is hard on himself and that he held onto a mistake too long.  Even before it was known whether Bryce would be a fit for the team, both of you worked with Bryce on this issue.  I wish (more than anyone could possibly know) that I could have been in Cooperstown with you all.  I was not able to witness or monitor Bryce through that time, but received feedback that he was positive energy to his teammates.  And, he is different now…..This past week I asked him what is different?, without hesitation he said…”Coach Brian, Coach Richie”…

Michelle’s efforts cannot be understated.  Things like getting the shoes to the hotel, and contacts and logistics for Paula and Sara to find accommodations close to the tournament.  This allowed Paula and Sara to have a hassle free experience.  They had a great cottage and great time.  Thank you Michelle!

We are indebted to all of you for your commitment to these boys.  Wisconsin baseball is lucky to have all of you and year in and your out it is clear that you represent Wisconsin baseball extremely well in Cooperstown.  As someone that has done some coaching, I respect your coaching style.  It is honest and business (with just the right amount of humor and fun times built in).  It is clear that as much as you like to win, you hate to lose….which is why your players work so hard for you.  Your expectations to your players is clearly communicated and your players not only respect you, they want to play for you (no higher praise for a coach in my opinion).  Paula and I really liked how you handled the team in Cooperstown.  They received the experience of a lifetime, with clarity that the priority was to win ballgames and to keep the team together and focused as a group.  

I would have liked to have been there in Cooperstown to shake all of your hands and to say thank you, which as I read this email is still just not enough.  If we (my family) can ever do anything to endorse, promote, or assist WAS, please do not hesitate.  If you ever have the need or can use Bryce’s skills in baseball, please let us know…. he would run through a brick wall to play for you.

Your efforts changed Bryce as a ballplayer and young man, provided our family with a lifetime of memories, and we are forever in your debt.  He “light’s up” when he talks about WAS and Cooperstown.  Thank You from a Grateful Family (and especially from a grateful father).

Ron and Paula.

WAS 2018


Hi Michelle,

Let me say first of all, Thank God for your good health. What an emotional season 2015 turned out to be. What we were able to experience last season and continue to appreciate today is something we will
forever be grateful for. As Brian thanked you in Cooperstown, we too Thank You for allowing last season to happen. The strength, determination, and faith you demonstrated in the face of the greatest adversity are things that won’t be forgotten.

As for the baseball, the program your family provides to these kids, and their families, is truly second to none. The entire experience beginning with the teaching at practices and concluding with the coaching in the games at Cooperstown is something that every kid who aspires to play baseball should be fortunate enough to participate in. The track record for kids having played with WAS speaks for itself.

It is indeed hard to believe a year has passed since tryouts! Elliott and I will be there for sure for this year’s tryouts and possibly Shari.
If Coach needs a helping hand in the cages anytime this summer I could be available for that too.

Looking forward to seeing everyone,
Brad Breyer (Elliott Orgeman) 2015


Coach and Michelle – I know we said thank you in person after our last game, but I feel I left some things unsaid in the wake of that heartbreaking loss. I wanted to tell you just how much this summer has meant to us and to Eli. Making this team was the biggest thing Eli has accomplished to this point, and the excitement for both him and Beth and I when we learned he’d made the team was sky high. My hopes for him by making the WI All Stars was to grow as a baseball player, and more importantly as a young man. From what I saw over the summer months, and as he worked to overcome his early struggles in Cooperstown, to where he finished, to me shows just how well you did with him, and for that I say THANK YOU. I could not have asked for more, short of winning the championship of course. Eli loved you, as well as Mike, Eric, and Ben, both as coaches and mentors, and we are so thankful for that first meeting we had with Mike last summer in Greenville, as that’s what sold us on what you offered. Eli learned a lot, both about baseball and about himself, made some new lifelong friends, and we will ever talk with pride about Wisconsin All Stars baseball. We will do all we can to make sure that wonderful tradition continues. Please pass along our most sincere thanks to our other coaches, Coach Cruise and Ben in particular, as Eli seemed to make a real connection with both and spoke of them very highly. Michelle, thanks so much for ALL of your work on behalf of the team, as that trip, and all the experiences and memories that came with it, would not have been possible without you. Thank you again, and we will look forward to hopefully seeing you and the other coaches in Antigo next month.


Erik, Beth, and Elijah Kramer (2013)


Michelle –

We just wanted to say thanks so much for an incredible weekend at WAS tryouts. My husband and son couldn’t say enough about how wonderful the coaches were and how organized the whole thing was (which sounds like was due in large part to you). They said there were some great kids trying out, so while of course we hope Ethan gets a chance to play with WAS, either way we just wanted to reach out and say thanks so much for putting together such a great event, and wish you guys luck either way. Please tell the coaches we said thanks too!

Thanks and I hope you get to relax a little after such a busy weekend.

Laurie Goll (2016)


Coach Brian,

My name is Josh Cadman. I am the father of Cooper Cadman who recently tried out for your WAS baseball team. I just wanted to take a quick moment to tell you a couple of things. First of all, I am beyond impressed with how you ran tryouts and your run your program overall. I loved how last year’s team and parents were a big part of helping and selecting this year’s team. I couldn’t get enough of watching your former players take infield. But most of all I wanted to compliment you on being one of those super special people who walk our planet. A true Coach! A true coach to me is someone who uses the avenue of sports to teach life lessons to kids. There is definitely not enough of that happening in today’s society. I was at the tryouts on Saturday and my wife was there on Sunday. She was equally impressed with how you talk to the boys and how you run your ship.

Although Cooper did not make the team, this was an opportunity for me to talk about working hard, attitude, giving it your all, and handling pressure with him. Your tryouts and the level of competition afforded me that opportunity. For that I would like to thank you. We also had the opportunity to deal with not making the team. Too many kids nowadays are sheltered from pressure and sheltered from having to deal with rejection. Cooper was definitely disappointed, but he handled it well.

In closing, I am basically saying thank you for the opportunities and that I love your program. I wish we had you coaching our Varsity program here. I would like to wish you the best of luck grooming this year’s crop of ball players and I hope you guys go far in the tourney in Cooperstown! Take care!

Josh Cadman (2016)


Michelle & Brian,
I haven’t been able to catch my breath since we got back from Cooperstown.
I just wanted to send out a special thank you for all that you did for those boys.
That truly was a life time experience for our son and for our family.
I don’t think I can thank you enough for all that you do with the Wisconsin All Stars.
I know it may not show right now but what you did for Collin this year will change the way he plays baseball forever.
If the All Stars ever need anything, be sure to look us up.
Forever in debt to you,

Glenn Dehne (Collin) 2015


Brian and Michelle

I just wanted to take time and say thank you again to both you and Brian. Amazing the efforts, time and passion you put into this program, Luke and I very fortunate to be part of this year and have taken in a lot not only as a player but as a parent and coach as well. My son has made new friends, and got to be part of great program to help him get better and look in the right direction. Thanks Coach for being real and true to the sport, and most of all a great leader for these kids. Thanks Michelle for keeping us all tied together, especially with what’s going on in your life. I wish the best of luck in Cooperstown to all, but most of all the best of luck in your journey of life! You have beat it, and shown us all on how to stay positive and keep moving forward. Take care, drive safe and enjoy happy hour out there. Kick some southern butt!!

Todd Flitter


Dear Coach Brian and Michelle,

Thank you for the opportunity to play with the Wisconsin All-Stars in Cooperstown. What an absolute wonderful experience this turned out to be for Daniel as well as us. Looking back, it seemed to take forever for the days, weeks and months to pass before it came time for us to play. But once our time got here, it was gone in a flash, as you said it would. It has truly been my pleasure to meet and get to know both of you, as well as the entire Wisconsin All-Stars family. To me, that is exactly what you have developed, family.

Coach Burgert and all of his coaches did an excellent job of teaching these young men, not only how to play baseball, but the game within the game. Most anyone can teach someone how to catch, how to throw and how to bat. Coach Burgert, thank you for including the teaching of respect for the game. It was truly an honor to have Daniel instructed by you.

Michelle, thank you for all of your hard work. Only you know the number of hours you put in from start to finish. Thank you for welcoming my family into your family and making us feel like we had known each other our whole life. Lastly, thank you for helping us make a life time of memories in seven (very short) days.  Please remember all the southern heritage we taught you and try to use the word y’all, at least once a day.

To whom it may concern, what are  you waiting for? If you want your son or daughter and your family to have a wonderful baseball experience, culminating with the tournament at Cooperstown Dreams Park, contact the Wisconsin All-Stars today. You will not regret your call. It truly is a “once in a lifetime” experience.

Best regards,

Danny, Misty and Daniel Sieber – #6                                                                                                                              

Class of 2014                                                                                                                                                                  

W.A.S. Baseball

Michelle and Brian-
Thanks for inviting the past players and parents to come and be part of the following years tryouts / practices.
Thank you both for all that you do for youth baseball in WI.
Thank you for your dedication and enthusiasm for our WI kids who love baseball.
I want to tell you this weekend was one that Sean and I looked forward to for the last year.
Getting back together with the boys and families of our CDP team. What great memories were stirred this weekend.
Sean could not stop talking on the way home (I know it is hard to believe) about his memories of tryouts and the summer practices. He remembers each time he made an error, each strikeout, each hit into left with Brian saying “Sean, can’t you go to the right – EVER”
So we watched the video that you handed out today. Each hit / out to right Sean said – “I bet coach loved that”. Brian – know that Sean listened, learned and wanted to execute for you more than you may know. He was so proud of that fly to right that scored Michael from third, he had me play it 2 times. You are helping to make him a better baseball player and young man – thank you.
Sean and I hope to make it up to as many practices as we can. Please include me on your emails on schedules for the summer.
Please pass along our thoughts to Coach Roberts. What a rock solid part of the organization. When he speaks kids (and parents) listen. Sean will never forget when Coach pulled him aside and gave him some tips on batter balance at tryouts, and the next AB he went yard. He told me about that tip 10 times on the ride home that night.
Thanks again for all you do for our baseball playing kids. I will ever be grateful for all you both do.
Michael O’Brian ’12

Dear Brian & Michelle:

I just wanted to quick send you a thank you for the great opportunity my son Luke had this year.  I cannot imagine a better situation to help Luke in numerous areas, including, but not limited to, running the bases, fielding, throwing, pitching, and having a better understanding of how to become a better hitter.

I would strongly encourage all 12 year old kids (along with their parents) to take advantage of this great opportunity to help improve their child’s baseball skills and to give their children an experience that will last a lifetime.

Congratulations on taking 5th place.

Greg P. Curtis ’08

Brian, Michelle and Beau,

Congratulations on your 3rd place finish in Cooperstown. That’s quite the achievement.  You all did a great job in preparing the boys throughout the summer.

We had fun following the All-Stars via the web throughout the week. I had to keep calling my Dad from vacation, just to keep him updated.

Again, congrats on a great season.


Tom Biesinger ’08


Thank you Michelle and Brian for all your efforts to provide 12 year old baseball players the once in a lifetime opportunity to play in Cooperstown. Being a coach myself, I realize all the work and time that is involved that goes unnoticed.

John Nejedlo ’09

Hi Michelle,

I just want to say “Thank You” for a once in a lifetime opportunity. I feel that I have made a life-long friend with you. You are one special lady. I hope we can get together sometime and have those drinks that we were unable to have while in Cooperstown.  Have a good day today. Say “Hi” to everyone for me.

Tami ’09

Hi Michelle,

Hope all is well with you. Ben and I would like to thank you and Brian for all your hard work and time. We really had a great time in Cooperstown – it surpassed our expectation and then some. Alex is still flying high from the experience and he as well as Ben and I are grateful to you, Brian, Beau and coach Roberts for the opportunity to be a part of it.


Carrie Hintze ’09

Dear Mr. Burgert,

You are the most honorable man I’ve ever met. I say this because you are the best coach I’ve ever had. You were always honest and knew what you were talking about. You told us what was going to happen and how to be prepared, and you made us a team. I loved playing for you. I congratulate your wife and other contributors on really giving more than you might ever understand. Still four years removed from playing in Cooperstown I have memories and feelings that changed my life. God Bless anyone ever involved in this!

Sincerely, Thank you, Nick Winch (team of 2003, 53 for 53)

Dear Mr. Burgert,

I just wanted to tell you thanks for the tryout/camp you had on the weekend. I learned many new things that I didn’t know before. I learned things such as how to line my knuckles up when I was batting and that would give me more power swinging the bat. And sure enough I lined my knuckles up and I hit a homerun in batting practice. I also learned how to throw down to second with the correct feet movement. Lastly, I really enjoyed the pitching lesson that the 2 coaches gave because I learned how to pick somebody off without getting called for a balk. I really enjoyed your assistant coaches. They really had a lot of knowledge of baseball Also, if I am selected for this I will give 110% every practice and game. If this letter gets to you before you make your decision I wish you luck on picking your team.


Eric Gremonprez ’03

Dear Brian and Michelle,

Wow.    Seems like just yesterday that we listened and talked to the Zieses about what an absolutely wonderful time they had in Cooperstown and how this was an opportunity we needed to seize for Tyler. We really had no idea what chances he had of making this team….we feel he was so fortunate to have taken this once in a lifetime ride.   The tryouts were incredible….intense….maybe more so for the adults than the kids. But, make the team or not, the 2 day experience was well worth the cost.

THANK YOU for everything you did to pull this off.  It could not happen without you behind the scenes. (Thanks for the ticket at the Hall of Fame, too!)    Cooperstown was great. I couldn’t wait for the games to begin. They were so much fun. It was awesome watching the kids play.

Yours in baseball,

Pete, Donna Tyler ’03

Coach Brian, Michelle, Coach Beau and Coach Mike,

I just wanted to let you know how much this summer meant to myself and my family. You four have given Matt an opportunity that I could never have dreamed of, I have been able to teach him many things in life such as trusting his faith in God, family, friends, education and the on going job of trying to teach him the best way to become a young man.

What you gave him was unbelievable valuable time and attention in a game he loves to play. I couldn’t even begin to teach him what you were so willing to give him and the whole team. Your knowledge of the game and ability to teach and coach that type of play is something I could never give Matt. Your commitment to all the kids you have coached throughout the years is something special.

This is a story no one could script and I wanted to tell you that because it’s a special memory for me and I hope it’s a partial payback for the things you did for us.

Once more Thank You and we look forward to seeing you in the future.

Dan, Sue, Matt and Emily ’05

Dear Baseball Parent,

It is not too often that I write with accolades, but today is different. Over the past 40+ years I have been involved in thousands of baseball games as a player, coach, fan and parent and when I see something good I am compelled to pass it on. This year my son Nolan, 12, was fortunate to tryout and make the Wisconsin All-Stars, who have participated for the past 9 years at Cooperstown Dreams Park. They practiced at least twice a week in Oshkosh beginning in May and participated in Cooperstown, NY in early August under the tutelage of Coach Brian Burgert. Brian and Coach Roberts deserve the highest of praise! Neither of them had a son on the team as a player, they just coached. Sometimes they were tough when they had to be, they certainly knew their stuff, they were compassionate and truly cared about the development of the kids as players and young men.

There are many other teams from Wisconsin that have gone to New York from southeastern Wisconsin and I am sure there are many teams that will consider it for next year. The best coach, the best teacher and the person who will help your son reach his fullest potential is in Oshkosh! Few are fortunate to have the opportunity to play for him. At the very least I strongly encourage you to have your son tryout for the Wisconsin All-Stars in late April. You will not be sorry!

Have a great day!


Todd Peterson ’05

(Milwaukee, WI)

Brian and Michelle,

We wanted to drop you this note to extend our gratitude for including us in the opportunity of experiencing Cooperstown Dreams Park. We would also like to acknowledge the amount of time, energy and hard work it took to bring this trip together for everyone.

Thank you for giving so much of yourselves for our kids.


Christie & Joe Demler ’03


Brian & Michelle—

Please know that many people appreciate what you do for boys and baseball. We indeed are two of those people. Thank you for doing what you do!

Ken and Phyllis Morrison

Dear Mr. & Mrs. Burgert

For a class project we have to write a letter to someone who we admire. I have chosen to write to you, because of what you guys have done for me.

Thank you for giving me and the rest of my teammates your time to turn us into better baseball players, better people and for giving us the opportunity of a life time to play out in Cooperstown. I really appreciated it. I not only admire you both as people and as coaches, but also as an inspiration in my life. GOOD LUCK in the upcoming years out in Cooperstown. I had so much fun out there last year and would really like to go again next year. I am also interested in going to practices to work with next years team, because I had a lot of fun coming back to scrimmage last years team. Please call me or send me a letter for next years try-outs. I would appreciate it. Beau GOOD LUCK!!!!! next year and give it your all.

Thank you for making my dreams come true!


Glen Meyerhoffer ’02


Dear Coach,

I can’t believe it’s already been a week since we played our last game. I just wanted to thank you for giving me the chance to play out in Cooperstown. It was awesome. I learned a lot over the summer and I think it’s made me a better player. I wish I had hit better out there but I learned from that too. I really enjoyed playing for you and with the guys. I start football in  week, but I’ll be hitting and throwing until it gets too cold and I can’t wait until next baseball season. Thanks again, you’re a great coach!

#9   Jesse Wiley ’04


Coach Burgert & Mrs. Burgert,

I would just like to thank you for a wonderful summer of baseball. It was a great learning experience for me. The trip to Cooperstown Dreams Park was amazing. It was something I will never forget. It was everything you said it would be.

Thanks again.

Trey Demler ’04



Thank you for the many hours spent in developing a young man’s experience a great one! Your dedication to the summer of 2004 was greatly appreciated!

The Wilz family ’04


Dear Coach Burgert,

I just wanted to say thanks for the time and effort that you put into this team. You taught us how to be a team player and lots of other life lessons. I have memories that will last  a life time after being out in Cooperstown. You also taught us how to be appreciative of our parents and all that they do for us. I would really enjoy getting the team back together for a couple of tournaments. Thanks again for all that you taught me this summer. I hope to see you again soon.

Your friend—-

Marc Dahlin ’04


Dear Coach Burgert

Thanks for a great week of Wisconsin All-Star baseball in Cooperstown!!!

We had a ball!!!!! We’ll never forget it!

Kyle Clark, Alex Vasquez, Andy Heller ’98



Dear Coach Burgert and the Burgert family—–

We would like to thank you once again for all that you did in making our trip and baseball opportunity in Cooperstown an experience we will never forget. We appreciate your efforts and would like to share with all of you the enclosed pictures of some memorable moments. We hope that we will stay in touch!

Your baseball friends,

Deb and Tom Heller ’98


Coach Brian–

Thank you for coaching the All-Stars team.  Thanks to Michelle for all of the behind the scene “stuff” she does!

New York   (Cooperstown)



1999 Wisconsin All-Stars

Dear Brian and Michelle

I don’t know how to begin to thank you for the WONDERFUL experience you gave our whole family!!! Words can’t even begin to express our appreciation for all of your time, patience, training, dedication & thoughtfulness that you  have put into this program. This has been an experience that we will never forget & will cherish forever. This wasn’t just a chance of a life time for Jeremie, you made it into a family experience, which is what life is all about. We have developed some wonderful friendships and will miss this time we had together. And every time I think of Cooperstown, I will think of you both and your unselfishness for us and this wonderful program.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!!

Keith & Jane Schwartz ’99


Dear Coach,

Thank you for choosing me to be on your Wisconsin All-Stars team which allowed me to play in Cooperstown. I had a really great time and learned a lot. Thanks for all that you did.

Michael Goltz ’99


Dear Coach Burgert

I would like to express on behalf of myself, my husband and our son Kurtis, what a positive experience we thought your tryouts were. We were impressed  with the organization and the extent to which the testing was done. Everyone seemed to take a real interest in working with the kids. Our thanks to you, your wife and your coaching staff.

There was undoubtedly a lot f talented, young ball players there and I am sure that the team you have selected will be competitive. We wish you and your team the best. Have a fun season and knock their socks off in Cooperstown!


Brenda Larson

Coach Burgert


Chad Torn 2000


Dear Coach Brian……

We would like to express our great appreciation for the excellent job you did with the baseball team. It was a great experience and it wouldn’t have ever happened without all the time, effort and experience you put into it. We would also like to thank Michelle, Brandon and of course Beau, for all the time and effort they also put in to help support the team. This was a great opportunity you offer  for the youth. We met a lot of nice people  and we will have a life time of memories. It is still unbelievable that they came home Champions for week #8!!!!

Thanks again

Tim, Nancy, Bryan & Chad Pierce 2000
(Fond du Lac)


Dear Coach

Thanks for all of the time spent with us.

We had an awesome time. We learned

a lot this summer. Thanks again

DJ LeMahieu 2000


Brian and Michelle—

Just wanted to take a moment to congratulate you and the “TEAM” for winning the Championship in Cooperstown. We heard about it today. Everyone must be soooooo excited. We are excited for you too. Wish we could have seen all of your faces  when you won the last game. We send our congrats out to everyone. Your picnic this year will be most memorable. Are you planning on going back for the final showdown? Let us know your plans. We’d love to hear from you.

Love to all,

The Kaminske’s ’99


Brian and Michelle

We were so happy to hear that you did so well in Cooperstown. You should be really proud of your accomplishments! Good things do happen to GOOD people! We hope both trips were safe for everyone. Our thoughts and prayers were with all of you. Please say hi to everyone.

Marilyn, Gary & Christopher Brockman ’99


Dear Brian and Michelle …

We just wanted to thank you one more time for all that you have dome for Michael and our family.

We sincerely appreciate all of the time and effort you have put in providing us this awesome experience. Your dedication to this team has been unbelievable and words don’t express how grateful we are. Thank you for being the means for which dreams do come true at the Dreams Park.


Gary, Audrey, Michael and Kari Matuszak ’01



Thanks for being an awesome coach and teaching me how to play better baseball. Being on the Wisconsin All-Stars team and traveling to Cooperstown was the best experience in my life so far. I definitely learned something being on your team. thanks!!!!!


Bryan Clark ’02


Coach Burgert,

I just wanted to thank you for the opportunity to go to Cooperstown last year. It was truly a dream of a lifetime for both my family and I. It is somethig we will never forget. I was wondering if you needed any assistance at practices for this year’s tea. You mentioned that is anyone was ever interested in assistant coaching they should contact yourself. I was wondering if I could helpassist coach this year’s team in Cooperstown. It would be a great honor to help the team. I would be able to share my experience from last year with this year’s team. Please contact myself and let me know if I can be of assistance.


Wisconsin All-Stars #14 – Eric King ’04

(Fond du Lac)

Coach Burgert,

I would just like to let you know how glad I am to be playing baseball for you this year. I also would really like to thank you for trusting my ability to play even if you didn’t get to see my best at the tryouts because of my broken thumb. My thumb is feeling much better now and I will give you my best effort. Thank yu again for this chance. Chris Roberts (Oshkosh) Dear Coach Burgert, Thank you for giving me an opportunity to play in Cooperstown, New York. I will never have more fun anywhere else than I did there. Practice was hard, but it all paid off in the end. Thanks for teaching me not only about baseball, but about life. We had a successful year, finishing 5th, with an 8-2 record, I couldn’t be happier. I know we were the best team in the park, but sometimes things don’t go our way. Also I’d like to thank you for the bat, I already have it mounted on my bedroom wall. I hope to see you at the clinic and the tryouts next year.

Thanks coach,

Jordan Jess ’05