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Q: What is the application process?

A: Sign up on line, and send fee via mail to the following:
Wisconsin All-Star tryout:
*$100.00 tryout fee. [THERE WILL BE NO REFUND FOR ANY FEE SUBMITTED TO THE WISCONSIN ALL-STARS FOR EITHER THE TRYOUT OR FOR THE CAMP]. Checks are made payable to: Wisconsin All-Stars. Fees can be sent to 1256 Lake Breeze Rd, Oshkosh WI 54904

Walk ups are welcome the day of tryouts. It is preferred that you attend both days. If you are unable to attend both days please make sure to let us know which day you will be attending.

Wisconsin All-Star fall camp: TBA

*Sign up on line and send fee via mail to the following:
*$ camp fee. [THERE WILL BE NO REFUND FOR ANY FEE SUBMITTED TO THE WISCONSIN ALL-STARS FOR EITHER THE TRYOUT OR FOR THE CAMP]. Checks are made payable to the Wisconsin All-stars. Fees can be sent to 1256 lake Breeze Rd, Oshkosh WI 54904

Q: What is the Wisconsin All-Stars Baseball?

A: An opportunity for top youth baseball players to meet one another and team up to play some exciting baseball in Cooperstown, New York.

Q: What is Cooperstown Dreams Park?

A:  www.cooperstowndreamspark.com

Q: What are the player fees?

A: Player fee is $1599.00.

Q: What is covered with the player fee?

A: Tournament fees, entry fee, secondary insurance, administrative costs, baseballs, team apparel, team lodging and meals in Cooperstown, AYHOF ring, uniforms, equipment, field rental, umpires, laundry and miscellaneous expenses.

Q: What about refund of player fees?

A: There is NO REFUND of player fees for a player/family who, for whatever reason, who does not participate in a planned activity  (instructional or tournament). If a player is not able to participate in the agreed-upon activity (instructional or tournament) because of  injury, illness, family complications, school, all-star/post season involvement, etc., THERE WILL BE NO REFUND OF PLAYER FEES FOR ANY REASON. If a player/family decides to play with another team, and thereby fails to follow through with his/their commitment to participate in agreed upon tournament, he/they not only relinquish the related player fee(s), but also jeopardize any future opportunities with the WISCONSIN ALL-STARS.

Q: Is financial support/sponsorship of the team possible?

A: Yes…efforts are continually underway to solicit substantial charitable and/or corporate sponsorship to assist with all team expenditures (e.g., uniforms, travel, entry fees, equipment, etc.) for players and coaches. Our team welcomes any possible monetary and/or material donations in this regard. We also have various fund-raisers for those families that are interested in doing so.

Q; Who coaches the Wisconsin All-Stars?

A: Brian Burgert (head coach), Richie Boyce, Cary Jolin

Bryan Burgert (Asst. baseball coach at Marian University), Eric Cruise (head baseball coach at Ripon College), Willie Mueller (former MLB pitcher) and any other coaches that I may select.

Q: What do you look for in a player?

A: Baseball skills/talent, character, team spirit, respect, courtesy, discipline, commitment, enthusiasm, desire to improve, willingness to learn, coach ability,  are they a team player and do they have the desire to be the best….someone that has it inside.

Q: What is expected from the players/families and coaches?

A: There are several things: First a clear understanding of what the WISCONSIN ALL-STARS stands for; full support of our CODE OF CONDUCT AGREEMENT; ACTIVE PARTICIPATION BY EVERYONE …our program plan is not to have the players, families and coaches just show up to play baseball … it is very critical that everyone associated with the Wisconsin All-Stars overall program HELP BUILD THE PROGRAM NOT ONLY FOR TODAY BUT FOR THE FUTURE. (EG., showing up and participating with our camps and tryouts, solicit sponsorships,  help identify prospective players/families that would fit in with our standards and directions, and to help support the development, enjoyment and success of everyone associated with the Wisconsin All-Stars. To be first class in all that we do on and off of the field.  Wisconsin All-Stars reserves the right to terminate a players membership if any behaviors by that player or his/her parents becomes a problem.

Q: What is NOT accepted by your players, parents or coaches?

A: We do not allow anyone to be self centered, to be a quitter or whiner, poor sportsmanship, anyone who demeans, discourages or disrespects others, anyone whose exclusive concern and support is devoted to only his or her son … if you cheer for one you will cheer for all. Anyone who creates complications or problems for our team, organization, player or coaches, and lastly, anyone who criticizes, blames, second guesses or undermines a fellow player or coach at any time, in any manor in front of any audience.

Q: What is expected at the Cooperstown tournament?

A: Our players are always expected to conduct themselves with class, to demonstrate sportsmanship, hustle, effort and enthusiasm. To play well, to play your best and with heart, we will not hang our heads, we will win and lose with class, to create lasting friendships, strive to leave a memorable impression on all with whom we have come in contact with. We will leave each dugout, ball park, tournament site and each other in better shape than we found them. We are well respected in Cooperstown and we expect to keep that respect. All rules set by coaches and Cooperstown will be followed at all times.

Q: What is the procedure for player selection?

A: Players will go through the two day tryout where they will be evaluated in the following areas:

  1. Hitting
  2. Agility
  3. Throwing
  4. Fielding
  5. Pitching
  6. Game situations

Upon completion of the tryout the coaches and clinicitions will go over the evaluations from the two days and there fore the team will be selected.

Q: How is player participation determined?

A: Starting lineups, positions, pitching rotations, and all substitutions will be determined by the coaches; all efforts will be taken to have all players participate commensurate with their abilities. Some players may have more playing time, more plate appearances, etc., than others, and matching particular individual baseball skills with game situations. Most importantly, pursuit of our goal of team success, driving all coaching decisions.

Q: When and where are tryouts held?A: All tryouts are held at Red Arrow park in Oshkosh Wisconsin unless otherwise noted here. Directions to Red Arrow park are located here. Check in time Saturday is 12:15-1:00 pm and Sunday is 10:15-11:00 am. Dates are found on the home page.

Q: What about player equipment?

A: All players should arrive at all practices/games with their own equipment. This includes all catchers gear, batting helmets, gloves, batting gloves, baseball attire for all practices, dress for the weather, shoes and any other needed equipment.

Q: What about lodging and travel?

A: Arrangements for lodging and travel  is the responsibility of the player/parents, with the exception of Cooperstown. The lodging and meals for the players is provided as part of their player fees once the tournament has started and the team is in their assigned housing. The Wisconsin All-Stars have their own travel agent that will assist in making all of the air fare, hotel, car rental, etc., arrangements. Lodging arrangements while in Cooperstown is the responsibility of the families. We will gladly help in finding accommodations for lodging if help is needed. We usually have a few houses already reserved for the week. These are available for families to rent for themselves or share with others.


A: YES… at Cooperstown Dreams Park only… and it’s a lot of fun for players, siblings, parents and coaches. And only on site during the week, by players with other players and youngsters. Please respect the pins of others, all pins trades must be agreed upon by all parties involved.